Aerial View of a Drone


commercial drone operators must have a valid PfCO (permission for commercial operations) and insurance. This can only be obtained from the Caa (civil aviation authority) after demonstrating operator competency, safe working practices, understanding of the ANO (air navigation order) and producing an operation manual.


It is illegal to operate a drone commercially without. 

Drone Lens

filming & photography

from our fleet of drones to our dslr cameras and our action cameras, we have most applications covered. 

All our equipment is capable of providing 4k footage.

over the years we have worked with media companies and end users to get them the shots they need. 

Drone operated by construction worker on

inspections & surveys

drone technology has enabled high rise inspections to be carried out with minimal risk, greater efficiency and at a reduced cost compared to traditional methods. wind turbines, chimneys and roof inspections are just a few examples that we have used our drones to assist assessors, building inspectors, insurers and contracts.

a Live hd feed on site or via a link enables instant access to the footage and control over areas of concern.

please contact us for more information.


night flights

night operations is not permitted without specific permissions from the caa. we have been granted permission to operate our drones at night after implementing additional safety measures before and during any night operation. 

please contact us for more information.